Finance Department

For Car Loan Questions Call: 610.603.9100

Finding the best car loan can be quite a hassle. At John's we handle the hassles for you. We work with over 10 banks and credit unions to get you the best loan possible, all while saving you time and money. We make financing easy, even if your credit is less than perfect.

  • Easy Approvals – Problem credit is never a problem
  • More Than One Bank – Because we work with over 10 lenders, we always find you the best approval
  • We'll Extend Your Coverage – Our banks will finance extended warranties and we can add protection on your new vehicle up to 100,000 miles
  • One Stop Shopping – Why waste time waiting to get approved by your bank and waiting again to collect a check. We will have you approved and driving home in a matter of hours and all without leaving our showroom.
  • Our Volume Helps – Because we sell so many cars, our banks are willing to extend more favorable terms to our customers. Let our loan team go to work for you and get you the best possible deal on your loan.