Sell Your Car

At John's, we will buy your car in the same way we have always sold them; fairly. You will get our best price right away and when you decide to sell you will walk out our door with a check. Here's how we make selling your car so easy:

  • Fair – Our buyers will offer you the best possible wholesale price for your car based on condition. We will never draw you in with inflated prices we won't pay and we will never guess what your car is worth until we have a chance to see and drive it.
  • Safe and Secure – Selling your car to us leaves you without the worry and hassle of selling it on your own. There are no strangers coming to your home or office and our checks will always cash….John guarantees it.
  • We will buy what you're selling – We are always in the market for vehicles and will make you an offer no matter the cost or condition. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t matter where you bought it. We're here and ready to buy.
  • It's Easy – Simply fill out our contact form and our buyers will be in touch to set up a convenient time for your appraisal.